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Art is an Ancient form of Creativity We Just Create it with Code

I had the privilege of being introduced to the world of programming during my freshman year at the esteemed International Institute Of Information Technology (IIIT), Pune where I successfully completed my Bachelor's degree in Information Technology with Distinctions. Since my third year of Engineering, I have been working as a Full Stack Developer, taking charge of the development of our college website and ERP system at IIIT Pune.

Following my graduation, I embarked on a freelancing journey, assisting final year students in designing and developing their academic projects. I am particularly proud of my contribution to the development of a Cloud-Based Online Election Voting Project, which has garnered attention from the Indian Government, who are currently working on a similar voting system. In recognition of my accomplishments, I was honored with the title of Young Entrepreneur by Scientist Raghunath Mashelkar and Mr. Vijay Bhatkar. Additionally, I have recently completed the development of a website for MPSC Aspirants.

Please find below a comprehensive list of the technologies I am proficient in, as well as a thorough overview of my achievements and projects. I encourage you to review them thoroughly.

Front End Technologies
HTML 5 CSS 3 JavaScript Bootstrap React JS

Back End Technologies
PHP 7 Node Js

Mysql MongoDb

Speed Optimization Web page Ranking Google console Page Rendering
Basic Programming
C C++ Data Structure And Algorithm Core Java

Something I have Built...


Hello, best Output I created when the world stopped due to the Covid-19 Crisis.Lots of Students are migrated to their native places without keeping their study materials with them.I target Maharashtra Public Service Commission(महाराष्ट्र लोकसेवा आयोग) Aspirant and develop the Best Web application. SEO-Speed optimization,Advance Page Ranking Algorithm,Advanced Content Management Systems Concepts.

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Online Voting system
Cloud-based online voting system for Panchayat raj

An AWS Cloud-based online voting system for Panchayat raj in India. Migration percentage of people from rural area to urban is increasing as per job opportunities, So there should be a platform to increase Educated Voting And Quality In Panchayat Raj Elections..
In 2023 Indian Gov Decided To develop 'Remote Voting Machine (RVM) which is same as I Build.

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Examination System for IIIT Pune

Single Handed developed Examination Portal With Front End Technologies Like HTML5,CSS3,Bootstrap5,Material Light And Backend Technologies like PHP ,JS with MYsql Relational Database. There are various new functionalities are available like Students Can Register with Mobile Number and Log in With OTP Received On Mobile,Admin Can save result in PDF. Separated Admin Dashboard For College Admin

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Android Application to shop by Scanning the QR Code of the Product and self-checkout in shopping centers also able to locate the product using IPS. Checkout the app link.

This is Android App For Malls But we Made a Web applications Also. This is my final Year Project With My Group.We have Used google's Cloud Technology for storing data using Firebase Database

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Vikara Systems
Vikara Systems

I have Run this startup as a CEO of a company with other 4 members we focused on the transformation of paper work with ERP Software, Design and developing a ERP System For Engineering Colleges.Awarded as a Young Entrepreneur of the Year by Scientist Raghunath Mashelkar With Vijay Bhatkar. I Designed Beta ERP System, Developed that system with college collaboration and implemented a beta version with dynamic database operations. we tried to design Hostel Management System as our First Product.

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IIIT ac in
IIIT Pune Official Website

This is in the Third of Engineering. My College Select me For Development Official Website

I took this opportunity to learn and improve my skill on live Project.This is Used as a Official Webside For IIIT Pune.

Website work for Post Graduate Management Courses and Alumni Relations

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List Of All Project

Year Title Build With
2023 PortFolio HTML 5 CSS3 Bootstrap4 PHP Javascript Jquery AOS JS Library
2019 Kasturi Agency CRM Systems HTML 5 CSS3 Bootstrap4 PHP Javascript Jquery Mysql
2018 IIIT Pune ERP Module HTML 5 CSS3 Bootstrap4 PHP Javascript Jquery MongoDB AJax
2017 TechnoUstav Website HTML 5 CSS3 Bootstrap4 PHP Javascript Jquery MongoDB
2016 Cluster Based City Criminals Inforamtion System HTML 5 CSS3 Bootstrap4 PHP Javascript Jquery MongoDB
2016 CityMart For Grocery Shopping HTML 5 CSS3 Bootstrap4 PHP Javascript Jquery MySQL
2015 Golaberij HTML 5 CSS3 PHP Javascript Jquery MySQL

Where I've Worked

Work@Entrepreneurship,Freelance,Corporate Companies,Institute
  • DoMpsc- Since Jan 2020

    • DoMpsc is an excellent online platform specifically designed for aspiring MPSC (Maharashtra Public Service Commission) candidates in the state of Maharashtra to provide Test Series Program.
    • This Platform has been exclusively designed and developed by me, as the sole team member. I fulfill the roles of a Full Stack Developer, SEO Developer, and Deployment Engineer to successfully upload it onto the operational server.
    • React UI Component reusability concepts are used for Front end Development.
    • The technologies utilized for front-end development include HTML 5, CSS 3, and customized Bootstrap 3. Initially, this project was deployed on the AWS EC2 platform.
    • One of the most significant problems I addressed was ensuring seamless and fast loading, even with low internet speeds, by implementing re searchable techniques in web development.
    • The back-end scripting was designed using PHP, incorporating all the concepts of CMS, such as reusable components, tagging sort, and automatic linking with all pages. Within a span of six months, my platform reached 3 million viewers and achieved the top rank in Google Search Engine for 60-70 keywords.
    • I received an offer from the Test Book Platform for business collaboration. For tables, I utilized the data tables library, and for notifications, I implemented a signal notification system. Additionally, DoMpsc provides an easily accessible Android app for the convenience of its users.

  • Developer@Hummingbird Technology Aug 2018-Oct 2018

    • This Company Has various Products For Ecommerce Businesses like HumCommerce.com,DealFuel.com,PhotoWhoa.com,cyberChimps.com,Inkydelals.com and many more so as a Developer I have to Work with any product as per requirement.
    • Here I learned about How Ecommerce websites Overcome with their unsolving issues with the help of Products mentioned above
    • As a developer my work is related to Frontend and Backend Technologies I worked with dynamic Data Flow Management with Mysql for Various Products These Products are generally corelated with UI Technologies , Backend Scripting and Data binding and Backend Technologies like Scripting of Data and Database Operations

  • Developer@Cloudredux Technology April 2018-July 2018

    • Worked as junior Fullstack Developer to develop applications for the US Based clients which are related with traning and management.
    • This project is related to a CRM of clients that Provides Online Courses for the Training.
    • As a Developer I have to Develop the Required System with the use of Front End technologies like HTML5 CSS3 PHP Bootstrap 3 and Many Scripring Languges as per requirement
    • Similarly understand the data flow with Mysql database to show dynamic results in user’s login system

  • Intern@International Institute Of Information Technology May 2016-Dec 2017

    • https://www.isquareit.ac.in College Gave me a Promising opportunity to design and develop an Official Website portal for the college.
    • Where I Design Whole Scratch of How data will Flow on Website ,How Pages are Connected to each other and How users can experience Whole Website from Any Devices
    • Being Full Stack Developer I have to take Care of the Backend part Also which encourages my Database Skills on Mysql And MongoDB Similarly gain hands-on experience in PHP Technologies.
    • To Achieve very User friendly UI Experiences , I have Used the Recent Jquery Framework for Moving Activities And Bootstrap

  • Intern@Data Science Technology Pune March 2017- May 2017

    • Collecting data from different sources, processing it, and storing it in a ready-to-use format in the company’s data warehouse are some of the most common activities of data engineers.
    • Similarly Handled Data Binding at Front End Using Angular JS And Scripting Technologies.
    • Working in the field of data science explored many domains to learn and develop Data enginering Key skills with MYSQL databases.

Where I've Learned

  • Bachelor of Engineering International Institute Of Information Technology, Pune

  • Higher Secondary Schooling Dr. Chandrbhanu Sonwane Junior College,Latur

  • High Schooling Vishwshanti Dyanpeeth Rahati,Parabhani

  • 2017 Young Entrepreneur Award 2017 by Scientist Raghunath Mashelkar At Pune.

  • 2017 Participate in a Persistence Semicolon 2017 24-hour coding competition

  • 2018 PHP Dangal Competition Runner Up

  • 2011 Second Price Winner In the Drama Competition conducted by Vishwshanti Gyanpeeth School Rahati,Parbhani

Personal Information
Name Shubham Vilas Vyawahare
Date of Birth 06-Nov-1994
Email Shubhamvv611@gmail.com
Contact 966558778
Address Pune